15 Must Haves for Fall!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with summer. Like so obsessed! And this was one of my most favorite summers yet! The vacations, sunshine, lazy pool days, beach trips, days before carpool and structure have to set in. It’s the best! However, with the shift of school starting, and cooler temperatures on the horizon, we need to shift our daily arsenal a bit.

Here’s my list of 15 things I’m going to be sure to have prepped with so I can enjoy this upcoming season!

  1. Liquid IV
liquid iv hydration

Liquid IV will be something we keep in our house year round, but especially as the seasons are changing, I always want a line of defense against germs and ways to help my body combat any illness that comes. I was just sick on Sunday, and I swear this helped my body have the hydration it needed to heal and get better a lot faster than normal!

2. Immunity Essential Oils

germ destroyer essential oil

I’m not super into oils, but when it comes to strengthening my immune system, I’ll do it all! Especially with the kids to combat all the school germs, and this stuff is awesome for it!

3. Elderberry


I didn’t know about this until right before our vacation to Hawaii back in March, and my sister told me about this stuff. It totally shortens the lengths of colds, and helps immunity. It’s pretty incredible stuff!

4. A Comfy Soft Sweater

fall white sweater

I know I’m not the only one that lives in sweaters in the fall, so I found this awesome lightweight sweater for less than $15!! And yes, I just ordered it! Which brings me to my next one….

5. Leggings


Now here’s the thing about leggings. I am a Lululemon LOVER. I’ll always be that way. But sometimes, you just can’t spend $100 on leggings. And that’s okay because with a super saturated market, you can find some decent deals and NOT have to spend $100 to get the things you want. For me, that side pocket is non negotiable! I need that, so I tend to go for sportier looking leggings! I also have to make sure they are ankle length and fitted all the way down to the ankle. How else could you where them with some super cute boots??

6. Rider Boots

rider boots

How cute are these? And for under $25 you can certainly afford the fall refresh!! Everyone needs some cute rider boots! I love this color because it goes with everything… I literally wear mine everyday in fall!

7. Cozy Scarf

fall scarf

How cute is this? Such a good find for under $10! When I was nursing, I would always use a scarf as a “cover up” of sorts! Such a perfect way to add a splash of pattern or color!

8. Hot Chocolate Mug

hot chocolate mugs

Tis the season for hot chocolate… I love how gorgeous these clear hot chocolate glasses are! And while we’re at it… Oreo hot chocolate? Yes please!!!

9. Pumpkin Spice Syrup

pumpkin spice syrup

Okay, so I love putting syrups in my drinks! For my soda, I love doing coconut or vanilla. And for my hot chocolate, pumpkin spice is literally the best!! You’ll thank me later.

10. Smore’s Tray from Carolina Wood Company

Shameless plug, but how cute are these? We love roasting marshmallows and hanging out by the fire during those cooler fall nights. My husband and I made these cute smore’s trays and we’re so excited by them! Check them out here!

11. Updated Pillow Case Covers

buffalo plaid pillow case
fall pillow cases

Pillow cases can really transform a room! I love having these cute black and white buffalo pillow cases as a staple, and then switch out a couple during fall and Christmas! It’s kind of the perfect match!

12. Entryway Rug

buffalo plaid entry rug

I just ordered one of these to go under our front porch mat, and I’m obsessed with the look of it! I scotch-guarded it so when it comes time to wash it, it hopefully will clean up pretty well!

13. Fall Wreath

fall wreath

It’s not fall until I finally put out my fall wreath! I love how instantly it transforms the whole porch!

14. Porch Pumpkins

front porch pumpkins

Gotta put out some cute pumpkins too! I love the different sizes of these too!

15. Fall Scented Candle

bath and body works candle

I am such a sucker for a good candle, and you cannot go wrong with the Bath and Body Works candles! We tried this scent last year and loved it! There’s so many good ones!

Hope this got you as excited for fall as it did for me! Let me know what things your looking forward to during fall! What are your fall must haves? Leave a comment below so I can add it to my list!

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