Stories by the Sea

Covid-19 has brought out a lot of different emotions from me as a mom, entrepreneur, sister, and friend. As a family that thrives in going and doing, this change of pace has been beautiful for us to refocus on what matters most! However, every spring I feel a strong desire to dust off the winter blues and jump into our warm North Carolina spring. We were lucky enough to find an oceanfront, spacious, beautiful beach house that allowed us to spread our wings and make some memories!

Now, we knew going into this week that the weather wouldn’t be our perfect sunny beach weather, but we went for it anyways and it was just what we needed.

This home is located on the beach in North Topsail Island, North Carolina, which is beautiful, clean, safe and very family friendly! This home is a 4 level beach house with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms fully furnished and ready for visitors.

Each room has a cute beach name with perfect beach vibes with a lot of thoughtful details. Coasters on the nightstands, trays for your rings and things, black out curtains, usb charging stations, TVs with labeled remotes so even if your toddler takes one from one room into the next, you’ll know where it belongs. Each room also comes with freshly laundered linens and towels prepared for you, or you can bring your own to save some money, which is what we did!

My husband and I got to sleep in the Sand Dollar room, which overlooks the ocean, and has a hot tub right on the deck! It’s quite peaceful (and romantic I might add) to get the kids in bed and enjoy a night with the sound of waves crashing while we are unwinding in the hot tub together! We got to really relax, unwind and enjoy the peace filled air. The room has a king sized bed and super comfy pillows. The room is spacious with a lot of space to unpack and store your things. One of the BIGGEST sellers that I feel needs to be mentioned about this room is the closet! I know what your thinking… chill out. It’s just a closet. And where, yes it is just a closet, as a frequent traveler with babies, closets often become rooms for babies in pack n plays. And if this was a vacation we were taking a year ago when I was still nursing Hallie, this would be perfect for that! It has its own set of doors, is within distance of a plug for her white noise, and a vent… plus its close enough that when she woke up I could get her without much effort. Again, this isn’t what happened, but… I am putting it out there because I know there are moms that look at closets and wonder… “could I fit a pack n play in there??”. I know I am not alone! Moving on.. the Sand Dollar bathroom is great. Double sinks, storage, bath tub and great water pressure for the shower!

Such a cute swimsuit drying station!

The boys slept in the Coral Reef room, which has a queen sized bed, a generous closet and TV as well. This room is directly down the hall from us, which was convenient when our 3 year old woke up needing help to go potty. This room shares a bathroom with the Captain and Mermaids room, which my kids call the bunk bed room. The spacious bathroom that they share has 2 sinks, plenty of storage, a linen closet and a tub/shower as well.

The Captain and Mermaids room (the bunk bed room) has 4 twin sized beds in 2 bunks with ladders. Super cute, and playful room! I would have my boys in there except it was a little better suited for Hallie because she is still in a pack n play, and it fit quite perfectly beside the top of one of the beds and the closet/wall (see below) which provided a little natural dimness to the space for her afternoon naps. So again, for the moms wondering where the pack n plays can go… I got you! If we were sharing this home with some other families, we could have fit our whole family of 5 in this room. We would have been tight, but we for sure could have done it!

Upstairs is the kitchen, dining room, living room, half bath and the Ocean Blue room, which has a complete bathroom en-suite. Ocean Blue has a king sized bed, with all the amenities in the other rooms. They were quite thoughtful to include the same things in each room to be cautious and curtious to families coming and sharing the space.

In the kitchen there are labels inside the cabinets and drawers so you know where to put things away or where to find certain cooking utensils, which I found to be super helpful! I appreciated how incredibly well stocked the kitchen was with baking dishes, pyrex dishes, pots, pans, mixing bowls, a crock pot, rice maker, blender, dinnerware, mugs and glasses, and more! So incredibly well stocked. She even has a complimentary corner filled with great spices that you may have forgotten when meal planning. I was very impressed. I thought we came prepared, but more than once I was grateful for how well stocked the kitchen was with the necessities!

The living room felt very cozy and warm provided with comfy couches, books to read, and games to play. We frankly spent a good amount of time there because the weather wasn’t great, but it was well suited for Netflixing, napping, playing games and admiring the ocean views! Right outside from the living room and dining room is the deck that looks uninterrupted at the beautiful iconic North Carolina sandy dunes and ocean. The seating is perfect for those beautiful morning sunrises or evening sunsets.

Go up one more level and you are in the last bedroom. This is called Aquamarine. You’ve got ocean views, queen sized bed, TV, and an attached full bathroom. This room doesn’t have a door, but it still feels private since it’s the only room up there.

The basement level where the entrance is, is quite open too! They have extra beach chairs, beach tent, and fun games like a foosball table and mini golf that you can set up. Again, with the weather not being ideal beach weather, it was awesome to have this fun space to play in!

Outside, all the decks are connected, and all lead to the beach. Before you come back up there’s a station to wash your feet and clean up so you don’t track sand inside! Winning details am I right?

One of my favorite pieces was the journal for guests to write their experiences in, and another book for recipes to share! It’s always so fun to see what this home has brought and what memories have been made! We of course made an entry! 🙂

It was very easy to feel at home here because it has such a personal, warm inviting touch to it. Beautiful cohesive decor pieces were thoughtfully placed throughout the entire home, which really add to the coastal ambiance. Thank you Sheila and Amir Ahmad for treating us like family and for a wonderful stay, we can’t wait to come back when the weather cooperates better!

To book a blissful week like the one we just had, click HERE 🙂

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  1. What’s the price to rent this for 7 days? Also I was thinking about the last of June. June 20th through the 27th.


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