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5 tips to keep your home more organized and stress free!


Okay so we’ve all been there before. It’s 5:30, you’re hustling to figure out what magical meal you’re going to put on the table for dinner and all the while you look around and you see nothing but chaos. The table is littered with papers from school, art from earlier that day, napkins from when your 2 year old spilled and “cleaned up”. Toys of all random assortments are meticulously thrown about in random parts of the floors. All the pillows from the couch are on the floor being used as a landing zone for when the kids played Peter Pan just moments before. You hear kids laughing one moment, and crying in the next. And let I remind you… this sensory overload all happens over the course of 2 minutes tops. It’s enough to make anyone go mad, and I know for certain I am not the only mama with scenes like this to be common.

So here’s the rub… kids should be kids. Watching them make memories, running around like dinosaurs, color and play together is one of the sweetest scenes a parent can see. However, the OCD in me struggles with the balance of how to allow that scene to unfold, but still maintain order and be able to relax when they go to bed at night.

Here’s my top tips that I have found to bring me much more peace and organization!

So there you have it! Those are my quick top 5 tips to ease the burden of clutter and manage your home and family with a little more ease! What are your favorite tidying tips that have worked for you? Please share some with me in the comments!

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