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Our favorite DIY + bunk bed tips!

It’s spring, and only a few weeks left of school, so naturally I’m thinking about all the things I want to get done before the kiddos get out for the summer. Of course a massive part of that list a million diy projects that I want to do around the house, then it got me thinking about all the DIYs that we’ve done, and how none of them have been documented. Absolute fail. So I decided I wanted to share and show off my absolute favorite DIY that we’ve done thus far.

The clear winner for me is my boys bunk bed house! My husband had to build it out in the garage, then disassemble it so it could come in, and then the boys had to sleep in the toy room for a week while we put in late nights to reassemble it, put up the shiplap and paint everything.

But, I love how it pulls the room together immediately. I’m obsessed. It’s one of those feature items that is a complete show stopper, and we’ve had several people ask my husband to come and make one for their kiddos, or even pets! It’s the cutest, and so much fun for the kids!

Now don’t get me wrong, making bunk beds, let alone in a bunk bed house is the absolute worst. However, I found a system that works pretty darn well that I’m going to share with you!

First off, we ended up getting these amazing sheet sets and quilts from Eddie Bauer (click here to shop), and my kids are obsessed. The sheets feel so soft, and the print is just so fun! Plus, the quilt was just too cute to pass on. It gave me exactly the look I was going for! It’s a match made in heaven. Major win win.

But here’s the key to making a bunk bed without the headache….

I shift the sheets and quilt over to the far right so that the right side stays tucked in at all times. This way then from a quick glance, the bed always looks made. Then when the kiddos go to bed, they just open the left corner, scooch in, and snooze away. This also helps massively with making beds too, because all they have to do is flip that top left corner and tuck slightly.

Obviously this doesn’t change the pain that comes when you have to launder the sheets, but it helps relieve the day to day headache tremendously!

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