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Happi Foodi Review

Things have been so fast paced lately between volunteering at the school, getting a handle on all things Christmas (the gifts, the experiences, the everything), maintaining our regular family schedule, etc etc… as busy parents, you get it.  So often when things get this way, things fall from our plates.  Most of the time they are things that can absolutely fall off, and it’s fine, but sometimes they are things that we shouldn’t let fall off our plates.  And for me, one of the things I have a hard time keeping on my plate, is a good healthy lunch.

Especially with being pregnant, making sure I have something quick, healthy, balanced and full of protein is something I am constantly searching for.  I found Happi Foodi at my local Walmart, and loved that it was all plant based, so we gave it a try!

I’m happy to report that it was delicious!  The flavors they used in this potato hash were all so good together.  I was honestly surprised at how full I was able to feel off one bowl of food, and how long I was able to stay full for too.

They have a few other varieties that I’m super eager to try out too!  Now that I know this is something that I can add in super easily, and it checks all the boxes, I need a full stock of them!!

Which one are you wanting to try??

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