Power Rangers Fun!

Who doesn’t love the Power Rangers? I remember growing up, my siblings and I would play and argue over who got to be which character almost every time! I was always Pink, of course. I remember Morphin with my siblings and playing with our Power Rangers disc shooters! Those my friends, are the things good memories are made of… imagination, playing with siblings and creating alternate realities for your imagination to run wild!

Well, I have found some really fun Power Rangers activities, and must haves for FREE, so make sure to check the links for these freebies!

When my boys found Power Rangers Dino Fury on Netflix, I was so ecstatic for them (it is also airing on Nickelodeon too). It pulled the action of Power Rangers from when I was a kid, and added the element of dinosaurs, which if you ask my oldest, dinosaurs should be morphed into everything! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to! The kids have loved watching it and pretending they’re Power Rangers.

And they just released a new Instagram filter to find out Which Dino Fury Power Ranger You Are! Who doesn’t love a fun filter? The kids have been having so much fun with this one, click here to download it and try it out for yourself!

We also found these super fun activity worksheets for the kids to complete and do together. We’ve been playing with them for the last couple days, and it’s so much fun hearing them work with eachother to build their teamwork skills, cooperation and inclusion.

It’s been fun for the kids to learn the special character traits that each of the Power Rangers has, because we all know that everyone has a specific characteristic that makes them a good teammate! The packet has a fun word search, and some super fun yoga poses that the kids have all been practicing, and even Morphin their Power Rangers into. So many fun activities for them to get involved in, and deepen their obsession over Power Rangers!

Download yours here today!

Cheers Rangers, It’s Morphin Time!!

Best useful Valentine’s Day baskets for kids!

We have ONE week till Valentine’s Day, and I know I am so excited to put together baskets for my kids! Honestly, I love it! It brings my heart a lot of joy to see them so excited over little things. It’s kind of the best. However, even though I love giving my kids gifts, but personally I don’t love the “stocking stuffer” little things that are basically just garbage that the kids don’t really care about, and then sometimes it just ends up being just a bunch of candy to fill space, which everyone ends up regretting about 32 seconds after consumption. We’ve all been there right?

However, I think there is a sweet spot, and I think this year, I have found it!

This year, we kept it simple, inexpensive and better yet… didn’t just give them a bunch of candy, which will make us all crazy later on. Granted, of course we did give them some candy, but we made sure it wasn’t all candy and useless “filler” items that will end up being thrown away later on that day.

Alright now, let’s dig in!

Every year my husband picks out a stuffed animal for the kids. We started this tradition about 4 years ago when we took our first trip to Hilton Head, SC on Valentine’s Day, and it’s been a fun tradition ever since. Our oldest still cuddles and loves on the first one my husband picked for him, and calls him ‘Valentine’. So cute!

Next, I found these adorable slippers on sale at Walmart for $3, so of course I snagged these because I love a good inexpensive, but VERY useful gift which feels like winning to me!

I also snagged some cute Valentine’s Day cups that they can use throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. I remember when I was a kid, my mom did special Valentine’s plates and cups for breakfast I thought it was so special. Those little touches can go a long way! We filled the cups with some candy and little party favor items from the Valentines section at Walmart. This pack was $2.98 and included yo-yos, stamps, tattoos and bouncy balls for all the kids! This is the kind of stuff that I view as “filler” items that are likely to be tossed later on, but my kids genuinely like most of those items, so it felt like a good “filler”.

Now, put all of it into a cute little basket, and call it a day! I am so excited to see the kids open these next week!

What are you putting into your kids baskets that you’re excited about? Do you guys do Valentine’s Day baskets? I’d love to hear what you like to do!

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