Family Seeking Adventure

Wanting more from our daily life. Living intentionally to seek opportunities for an adventurous life, whatever that may look like!

When my husband and I got married back in August 2011, there were so many times that I heard “enjoy this while it lasts because when you have kids, you won’t be able to live like this”. We were poor college students, just like many of our friends, but we loved finding free adventure, where ever we could! There was even a time when we didn’t have the cash for a $5 camping fee, so we paid $3 and a IOU note (embarrassing, I know!).

Why do we want to live like this?

  • Because it changes your perspective on life.
  • Because it will help you stretch yourself and try new things that you didn’t know were possible.
  • Because it helps us feel joy, and teach our kids to be grateful for these experiences.

Adventuring doesn’t have to mean traveling.

In 2017 we decided to start our own business and started making custom home decor. We lived in a townhouse at the time, and it was HIGHLY unusual, but we started it, and we are still doing it and have expanded our knowledge and growth because of it!

My point? You can find adventure in anything! Just find something new you’re excited about and DO IT!