Birthday at Defy Gravity

Nolan just had his birthday, and I’ll tell ya… the planning this year gave me some anxiety! After having a year and a half where we couldn’t gather and have birthday parties the way we wanted to, I felt like this year we needed to do something super special to make up for it. We rolled around a bunch of ideas, and tried to find something that felt just right. We finally decided on doing his party at Defy Gravity! Have you ever been there before? It was incredible, and the perfect way for the kids to just be kids!

They have a million (slight over estimation) of trampolines for the kids to jump and do tricks on, huge foam pits and pillow bouncey things for the kids to jump off into. They also have a ninja course, basketball hoops and a swing for the kids to hop off into a foam pit. Honestly, could you ask for anymore?? It is quite the set up, and whenever we go, we never have a hard time spending 1-2 hours there easy. And it tires those kiddos out! It’s just the best kind of win win!

Soooo… for the birthday packages, they have 3 different options you can choose from. We chose the Epic package (which is the middle package) because we wanted the option to bring extra food, but didn’t feel the need for any additional bells and whistles (although, those additional bells and whistles are amazing!)! It was perfect for us. It includes jump socks and an hour of jumping for each kiddo, they set up and cleaned up from the party, provided cups, plates and all that, plus pizza and soda and a fun party shirt for Nolan! It was so low stress and so much darn fun!

We were assigned a party planner that handled all the logistics for us so we literally didn’t have to worry about anything. She made sure we had all the pizzas accounted for, we had all our guests checked in and accounted for, she was in charge of timing so I didn’t have to be looking at my watch wondering when it was time to head to the party room for pizza and cake. And, whats more… when we got back to the party room, she even handled the flow of the party room hour flawlessly. She helped us with cutting the cake, passing it out, refreshing drinks and extra pizza. She was incredible. It was a huge load off and allowed us to enjoy the day with our little dude!

All this to say… if you are looking for a fun way to spend a birthday party, I would absolutely recommend looking into Defy Gravity Raleigh. We had a great experience, it was well organized and clean, and they really made Nolan feel like a king for the day. Be sure to check them out! You will love it, but what’s better, is your kids will love it and it will give them memories they will hold onto forever!

Thank you Defy Gravity! We will be back soon!

Defy Raleigh Contact Info:

(919) 948-6700

5604 Departure Dr #100, Raleigh, NC 27616

Universal Studios Orlando… where to stay??

A couple of my friends and I went to Universal for a day, and found this amazing hotel to stay at! Finding a good hotel close to a theme park can be tricky, but the Hyatt House across from Universal was the perfect location, and we had the best time. Their suites are so gorgeous, clean and spacious. They had everything we needed, and more!

First off, the front desk attendant is so courteous and accommodating. She was quick to check us in, and very warm and welcoming.

She let us know that they have a shuttle to the park (just make sure you set your appointment to the park!), and back to the hotel (no reservation needed). With it being right across the street, this is so nice so you can avoid having to pay the $26 it costs to park over at the park. If you can’t make it into the appointment slot that you want, the walk to the park is about 10 minutes, and really gorgeous, so not a bad alternative if worse comes to worse.

The rooms are very clean, modern and spacious! I just kept thinking about how nice it would be to stay in a room like this for a few days, and maybe next time with my whole family. There is plenty of room for everyone! As you walk in, you enter to the kitchen and dining area where you have a full kitchen, storage, plenty of plugs for charging and appliances, and a TV. Then as you keep walking in, you go to the living room with a full sectional couch that folds into a sofa bed, and a tv! Turn right, and there’s a bedroom with a door (which again, with kids is GOLD!), 2 queen beds, which were super comfortable, a tv and a full bathroom!

Part of the fun of staying in a hotel, is to explore the amenities, and this hotel had quite the list! The pool/outdoor area is amazing! It was night, so we sat and enjoyed the nice weather and tranquil ambiance. The pool was well lit and super beautiful! In the same outdoor area, they also had a few little fire pit stations and fun outdoor games like connect four and others to play. The bar also is right there for convenience! It checked off all the entertainment boxes, and provided something for everyone! The fitness facility was also pretty awesome for a hotel gym. I love seeing a clean space to workout in a hotel! It was perfect.

The next morning as we were rushing to get out the door, we couldn’t forget to snag some awesome breakfast! My husband is a hotel breakfast lover, so I made sure to send him some pictures to make him jealous. He would have loved it!! The thing that stood out to me is that they had almond milk! My daughter had a rough transition to dairy when she stopped nursing and whenever we traveled, we had to bring her own almond milk, and it was always such a hassle. I love that they were accommodating to people that may have a similar situation or preference.

They had several hot stations with bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes. Plus cereal, breads and muffins, fresh fruit wrapped individually (which made for a perfect way to transport a park snack), oatmeal and yogurts. Between my friends and I, we all tried pretty much everything, and it was all really delicious!

I’ve become a little picky when it comes to hotels, and this one has hit all the marks! Beautiful lounge, yummy breakfast, small shop for late night cravings/needs, clean smells, clean floors and bedding, room layout is well thought out, a gym facility, a pool and other fun extra activities, friendly staff, helpful information, lots of accommodations to help their Universal guests.

Thank you Hyatt House across from Universal! We loved spending time with you and are already looking forward to doing it again!